British Airways – Fear of Flying Treatment

British Airways has just acknowledged that fear of terrorist attacks are impacting the number of people booking flights. As many as 1 in 4 have a flying phobia and these people are suffering unnecessarily when there is a rapid solution now available .

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Blink-182 Drummer | Fear Of Flying

Blink-182 drummer – Travis Barker – has had to quit their world tour due to his intense fear of flying. Flying phobias can be so debilitating for some that massive opportunities slip them by and therefore has far reaching implications for sufferers.

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Fear of Flying Cure | Fear of Flying Treament

Fear of Flying Cure | Fear of Flying Treament

Fear of flying affects many of us and prevents us from looking forward to holidays amongst other things. Others simply cannot go on holiday because they are scared of flying. If you are looking for a Fear of Flying Treatment I suggest you follow my advice by clicking here.

This will detail the order in which to conquer your fear and allow you to spend the least amount of money in the process.

Anxiety Manchester | Manchester Hypnotherapy

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the tragic shooting that occurred in Connecticut in the US yesterday. Obviously our thoughts go out to the family and friends of those who lost their lives. Can you imagine the sheer terror of witnessing that event, not knowing whether you would be next? Such severe trauma can turn into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD for short).

Often a person suffering with PTSD will often relive the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, with a whole host of intense emotions that can hinder their ability to sleep and concentrate. They are also likely to suffer from anxiety, flashbacks, depression and their day to day functioning can be impacted.

PTSD is common in soldiers who have witnessed intense war scenes and seen their colleagues die. People in jobs such as the police frequently encounter events and situations which can lead to PTSD. Individuals who have suffered or witnessed rape, mugging, road accidents and many similar events can develop symptoms in line with PTSD.

The emotional responses to dangerous events are actually there to aid a person in an effort to avoid similar situations. For example if someone got knocked down as a child, it wouldn’t be uncommon for them to feel anxiety when near roads. This is an example of the subconscious mind trying to protect someone, by making them more alert in specific circumstances. However this same system can render an individual unable to function day to day and in these circumstances action needs to be taken. Hypnotherapy was one the best tools to aid this subconscious relearning.

However without a shadow of a doubt, the most effective technique to help in these situations is a new therapy called Percussive Suggestion Technique (or PSTEC for short). This is a technique which can quickly scramble emotions towards any event, whether a past traumatic event or even anxiety experienced whilst thinking about an imagined future scenario.

I like to use the analogy of an emotional barrel we all possess which can get filled over time with unresolved negative emotional experiences. It can slowly fill over time for example if we are in a stressful job or we are in a stressful relationship. Other times a major event occurs, like the recent shooting in the US, which could lead a survivor to have a completely full emotional barrel in one fell swoop.

My job in cases such as these is to extract all of the negative emotion from the barrel/body which can leave a person feeling calm and relaxed in a very short space of time. I have helped dozens of rape victims using PSTEC and have found that all emotional pain to the event can often be removed in one session (often within 10 minutes!). More interestingly is the effect that this has on the rest of the their life and general feeling of well being.

Often individuals will come to me for help with self esteem, confidence and anxiety issues. Frequently these individuals have been through trauma in the past though they don’t think it is relevant any more. Problems such as these don’t develop on their own but rather are the product of specific life experiences. Undoing the emotional aspect of these events can have a profound on a persons experience of life.

If you or someone you know appears to be suffering in any of the ways described above the usual route would be to see a counsellor or cognitive behaviour therapist. These techniques   can have some effect but if you want rapid results please contact me and we can quickly blast away the trauma and emotions with the very latest techniques.

Manchester Hypnotherapy Anxiety PSTEC


Manchester Hypnotherapist | Cricket Depression

I am a Manchester Hypnotherapist helping people from all over the globe using a variety of cutting edge psychological techniques. It is likely you will have seen all the commotion about depression amongst cricketers at the moment. Apparently these guys are twice as much likely to commit suicide than other sports people which is a surprisingly high figure.

One has to be cautious about these reports though and not confuse correlation with cause and effect. As a Manchester Hypnotherapist if a cricketer came to me and was suffering from depression, their occupation is only one of many variables that need to be looked at to offer fast effective relief. Cricket may in fact have nothing to do with it other than providing a set of circumstances that lead to a greater risk of depression.

For example people have touted such examples as cricketers being completely accountable for a teams loss or success because it is black and white statistically. However isn’t this the case for one on one sports such as tennis in which the same is the case? Or maybe it is the combination of this along with the fact that it is team sport and that you are accountable to your fellow team mates?

In truth when so many factors are involved it is almost impossible to say with certainty. However I would hazard a guess that a combination of factors such as working for extended periods away from family, intense pressure (at least at the professional level), along with the usual stresses that professional sportsmen face – that of having great and sudden changes in lifestyle, not only between seasons but also when one’s career finishes.

It is highly likely that being able to cope with these stresses would result in a reduction of depression and anxiety rather than blindly focusing on the sport of cricket just because of a correlation. Interestingly cricketers are now being encouraged to take online courses to “raise awareness” of depression. Unfortunately even if awareness is raised, the typical set of procedures used to help these people  by the Mental Health Community are woefully inadequate, often resulting in months of ineffective “talk therapies” such as counselling and more often than not anti depressants which mere mask the problem.

If you are suffering with depression or anxiety I urge you to get in touch with me. There is only so much that talking and sympathy can do for an individual. What people need are easy to use tools with which to control their emotions which in turn will massively effect their experience of reality.

Some cricket players have little to no anxiety or depression which means that it is possible for all individuals to enjoy top level cricket with no downside. External reality doesn’t need to be amended, merely the way we interpret and experience the world. My success rate and speed with severe depression and anxiety is very high and often only one or two sessions are required before you have the skills and tools to keep any demons at bay for life. Call me today!

Hypnotherapist Manchester | Flying Phobia

If you are looking for Hypnotherapist Manchester for any ailment, whether this be a flying phobia, depression, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation or any other help you have come to the right place. You may have seen in the news recently about the 11 year old boy Joe Thompson who is stranded in Abu Dhabi after developing a sudden and extreme fear of flying.

Interestingly with this particular flying phobia, there is no fear until he arrives at the Check In at which point the reaction is severe. Here at Hypnotherapist Manchester we deal with flying phobias with a great deal of expertise and success. The fact is, a flying phobia is one of those phobias which can be far more complex than a simple fear response. True, many people really are just scared of flying but in the case of Joe Thompson there is likely to be much more to it given that he hasn’t responded much to help so far.

Hypnotherapist Manchester recently helped a man with a flying phobia in Peru. He had visitied numerous hypnotherapists and psychologists but nothing would touch the flying phobia. Similar to Joe Thompson this man had flown frequently without fear. Targeting the fear directly clearly wasn’t working so I knew I had to take a step back to see the bigger picture.

Hypnotherapist Manchester knows that the subconscious mind has a reason for everything. Following a number of questions it became evident that the man had a fear of losing control emotionally in public. This stemmed from an event when he was 8 years old in which he was at an airport leaving his mother with his father who was very strict about him not showing emotions. This emotionally intense episode planted a seed – called the initial sensitising event – which lay dormant until his most recent trips.

In cases such as these there is a “secondary sensitising event” which has similar qualities to the first but can often dumbfound the individual because he often isnt aware of the cause of the problem and without this awareness it can all seem very random. In this instance the man was going to see his sister whom he hadn’t seen for well over a decade and he was very worried that he may lose himself emotionally when they met.

The subconscious mind linked to the two together and tried to protect the man from losing it emotionally by providing strong encouragement not to go on the flight – in the form of a flying phobia. The mind can seem to be very mysterious but her at Hypnotherapist Manchester we have the expertise to deal with even the most complex of issues. All that was required in this case was to remove the belief and emotional response towards the concept of showing emotions in public. This was quick and easy to do and no further work was required, leaving the man to a care free flight to see his sister as well as removing the emotional thorn in his side regarding the bad lesson he learned from his father aged 8 years old.

I strongly believe I can help remove Joe’s phobia in Abu Dhabi over the phone as I have done for many people. If any of you know of a way that I could contact Joe and his family please let me know and I will remove the phobia for free.

Wigan Hypnotherapist | Anxiety

Wigan Hypnotherapist can be far more effective for dealing with symptoms of anxiety than dealing with Counsellors Bolton or other forms of therapy. This is because anxiety is a feeling. Feelings can be influenced a little by the conscious mind, which is why after many session Counsellors Bolton and other talk therapies do appear to help a little.

However the route cause in the majority of cases, exist in the subconscious mind, which is why Wigan Hypnotherapist is the best way to go when dealing with your symptoms. During hypnosis, the conscious mind takes a back seat, allowing real change to occur in the subconscious mind. Subconscious relearning is required in order for the symptoms to reduce.

In truth, the subconscious mind is producing the symptoms of anxiety to try to protect you from what it believes is harm. For example, if someone is mugged on the way home from a night out, they are very likely to feel a great deal of fear and anxiety if in that situation again, even though the risk of being mugged is very slim.

Of course it is prudent to be cautious and alert but sometimes the subconscious mind can create such intense anxiety that the result is a life of unhappiness and restriction. Using Wigan Hypnotherapist and related techniques we can quickly identify the key triggers of anxiety and provide tools and tehcniques which reduce the significance that the subconscious mind holds the problem contexts.

If you have searched for a Wigan Hypnotherapist for anxiety or any such issue, look no further because the tools and techniques applied by myself are cutting edge, with the majority of my clients only needing one session. Please take a look at my testimonials here.

Bolton Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapy Bolton

Bolton Hypnotherapy in the right hands can often be the most effective way to treat a large number of ailments. The key to change when a person is struggling to change themself, is subconscious relearning. Hypnotherapy Bolton is all about making changes in the subconscious mind.

This is done by putting a person into a state in which their subconscious mind is accessible. When this is accomplished, Hypnotherapy Bolton can then make the necessary adjustments to the subconscious mind. The person in a trance will be fully alert at all times and in control, though may feel very relaxed and dreamy (Bolton Hypnotherapy).

Bolton Hypnotherapy is just one of several ways of making subconscious changes. Other methods include a brand new technique called Percussive Suggestion Technique (or PSTEC) . PSTEC allows rapid subconscious changes to occur and provides clients with the ability to do this themselves independently. This means quicker results and less sessions required. As I metioned, Hypnotherapy Bolton can be very effective but in comparison with the new cutting edge tools such as PSTEC, it will play a lesser role in therapy as time moves on. For a fuller explanation of my approach please click here.

Counsellors in Bolton | Counsellors Bolton

If you live in the Bolton area it is common for a GP to refer you to Counsellors in Bolton if you are going through a tough time. Counsellors Bolton however are merely one way to help a whole host of psychological problems which is currently accepted by the government.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the efficacy of Counsellors in Bolton is poor compared with other methods of treatments. This is because the “talking therapies” used by Counsellors Bolton only work at the conscious level, whereas the majority of problems lie at the subconscious level.

If for example a person had a great deal of self hate, no degree of a Counselling in Bolton, telling that person that they have no reason to hate themselves is likely to budge that belief. This is because the problem lies in the emotional body. A belief with lots of emotional fuel backing it simply cannot be budged by talking alone. Please take a look at the rest of my website to get a better idea of my approach. If you have seen Counsellors Bolton without success, please don’t lose heart. Get in touch with me and in the majority of cases, rapid results are possible no matter how severe the issue seems to be.

Counsellors Bolton

Counsellors Bolton | Bolton Counsellors

If you are looking for Counsellors Bolton, chances are you are going through a tough period in your life. Often people try to deal with their issues alone but once it gets to a certain point, they need external help and often Counsellors Bolton will be the first person they turn to.

However most don’t realise that there is far more effective help available that can quickly treat problems that Counsellors Bolton simply wouldn’t be able to have any effect on. Most problems lie in the subconscious mind which lead us to feeling certain ways in certain contexts. We are literally suffering from the after effects of what came before. If we go through some particularly bad experiences, we can be left with emotional scars that last a lifetime that effect our perception of the world dramatic.

Using the very latest techniques, even severe long term symptoms can literally be removed in one session. Often when people come to see me they have already been to see Counsellors Bolton, Hypnotherapists Bolton and other mental health professionals to no avail. My techniques go through straight to the route cause of the problem in the subconscious mind. Better yet, the techniques I teach can be then be employed as and when required independently, meaning less time and money spent on help when it isn’t really required.

Please take a few minutes to peruse my website and for more specific information on the issue you are facing, click on the treatments section. When choosing any therapist, always ensure you have checked their testimonials as these are the best indicator of whether a therapist achieves results.