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A free phone consultation lasting up to 10
minutes is available to discuss what you wish
to change and how we would work together to
accomplish your goal.

The fee for sessions with me over the phone is £195 and £250 in person. If any additional sessions are required they are £100 each. The majority of my clients experience huge change in just one session and that is all they need. Compare this with other therapies such as counselling and you will see that months of weekly work is the norm and so works out far less cost effective. In some cases my clients need a couple of sessions if there are a number of things to work through. Others are intrigued by the tools I have to teach and they wish to take this further to create a “designer life” in a life coaching type of session.

To get the ball rolling, send me a message with a brief outline of the problem you are facing and what you wish to achieve.

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