Depression & Anxiety

Put an end to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and trauma. Boost your well being and effortlessly regain balance and live the lifestyle you desire.

Self-Esteem Issues

Effortlessly eliminate fears and emotional issues, regardless of the time you have held onto these limiting associations and thoughts.

Habits & Addictions

Smoking cessation, weight loss, alcohol, drugs and many more. Regain control of your mind, emotions and desires using simple, fast, yet powerful techniques.

Stress Management

Instantly reduce the stress from your life, giving you mental clarity with a new sense of balance, and wellbeing. Take charge of your life right now.

Hypnosis in Manchester

Since graduating from Lancaster manchester hypnotherapists
University with a Psychology degree many
years ago, and becoming a qualified
Manchester Hypnotherapist and member
of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy,
my fascination 
with the human mind has
led me to explore and research many
psychological avenues.

I am regularly employed by FTSE 100 companies to entertain and educate with my demonstrations of the true capabilities of the human mind.

In more recent years I have delved more fully into the world of helping people with a range of needs, from anxiety, depression, weight loss and self esteem issues, to smoking cessation, phobias and lack of confidence to name but a few.

Unlike most therapists who follow one path, I have continuously sought out the very best treatments and techniques available which produce rapid and sustainable outcomes. The result of my research has led me to develop an approach that is extremely effective. I am gaining a reputation amongst the medical community for helping people in a very short space of time, for whom years of conventional counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatry have failed to have any impact at all. As well as helping people in person, my techniques are very effective over the phone, allowing me to help more and more people from around the globe.

My work includes elements of hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, emotional freedom technique and neuro-linguistic programming. In addition, I am an expert in several ground breaking, non mainstream mind technologies, that can be utilised for life to achieve long lasting peace and happiness. In the last few years I became the first person to be awarded PSTEC Master Practitioner status following a discourse I wrote. PSTEC – or Percussive Suggestion Technique – is the future of therapy and the results that can be obtained with this tool are unparalleled. For further information see our sister website

Warm Regards

Peter Owen BSc, Dip hyp, MBIH

Hypnosis in Manchester