There are a large number of products available on this website. For ease of navigation I will outline 4 PSTEC core products here and include links to additional products at the bottom which you click on if you wish to know more. For therapist only products please click here.


These are the free basic tracks which you can use to begin removing negative feelings from your life immediately. Because the files contained within are zipped, it is best to download on a laptop/computer rather than a mobile phone. Please click here and enter your email address to receive these free audios along with some guidance on how to get the best out of them.


As a therapist PSTEC has rapidly become my primary tool in dealing with pretty much every possible problem you can imagine. All of the PSTEC products are very easy to follow and well written. However I have successfully guided 100’s of people through the PSTEC process (myself included) and through this experience I have gained important knowledge of potential pitfalls to avoid along with creative and novel ways of applying this tool to improve one’s life that may not obviously spring to mind. If you plan on going further with PSTEC I highly recommend making yourself familiar with this information as it could save you a lot of time and heart ache! As a direct result of this work, Tim Phizackerley (Creator of PSTEC) created a new PSTEC qualification – Level 2 Master Practitioner – as a “direct result of it’s clarity and brilliance” and I became the first of only 2 people in the world at this level at the time of writing (October 2012). Read more

There are a number of PSTEC products which can leave a person confused as to what to use and when. The basic PSTEC click tracks are very powerful and a person should always start there. However what if you want to take it to the next level? This short video describes briefly what can be accomplished with PSTEC and what tools you would need longer term to achieve what I can only describe as an ongoing state of complete fulfilment  in which you breeze towards any goals you choose in life fearlessly, with a confident expectation of success.

For the free click tracks click here
Video is meant to illustrate the capabilities of PSTEC™ but for obvious reasons, no absolute guarantee of success is made or implied. People vary and what may be extremely effective for one person may be less so for another. But of course PSTEC is growing in popularity for a reason. This video is here to help you understand the reasons why it needs to be used in certain ways and also how certain optional extras are important for even better results.


This audio package is a bundle of what I consider to be the most powerful self help and therapy tools in existence. Within you shall receive 2 extra powerful tracks that can often neutralise emotional issues that the basic tracks may struggle with alone. Also included is a tool called PSTEC Positive which is a method through which you can change beliefs, habits and behaviours at the subconscious level. This is a must for longer term use. Read more


These tools increase the effectiveness of the other tools and importantly they aid recall of when particular problems began. Again this is essential for long term use and can have a profound effect on one’s life. Read more


This product really is a master class in creating a designer lifestyle and goes way further than “merely” removing all emotional angst from your life. There is a lot of information on this topic already out there but I can say with complete confidence that this information leaves everything else available in the dust. In this lengthy course a systematic procedure is described in which you are able to choose goals and glide towards their fruition effortlessly. Read more


A specialised package which can rapidly remove all of your fears related to flying, no matter how intense or how long they have gone on for. Read more


Have you ever tried to lose weight but you get so far only to put the weight back on? Or maybe it seems like a massive uphill struggle? The fact is 80-90 percent of all diets fail. This is because the most crucial step of all is missed out most of the time; a step which if undertaken can make the whole process effortless and enjoyable. This program can obliterate emotional and comfort eating in its tracks using PSTEC and other cutting edge mind technologies in a very strategic way. This is the first time a weight loss program deals in depth with this major problem area in addition to providing up tp date advise on nutrition and exercise. Read more

In addition to these core products click on each of the following products for further information:


A tailor made PSTEC product to make quitting smoking far easier than you ever thought it would be. Read more


This expands on the knowledge imparted on PSTEC POSITIVE (in PSTEC LEVEL ONE) but goes much further. Learn how to use this remarkable tool in great depth and really get control of your life through the use of rapid belief/habit/behaviour change. Read More


When you have an event coming up that you absolutely have to succeed at, whether this be an interview, driving test, sporting event, a speech, a date etc, you absolutely need to have this tool available to you. In effect it programs in success and a state of absolute confidence that can be triggered and multiplied when you are in the key moment. Read more


The PSTEC product range provides for the very first cutting edge ways to access the subconscious and make changes rapidly. PSTEC Magic Sentences is the latest addition to the product range and practitioners have been raving about how effective it has been for them. There are both self help and therapy options. Read more


This free tutorial contains powerful hypnotic tracks along with cancer specific information on how to use the free PSTEC system to make your experience with cancer as emotionally pain free as possible. This was 2 months in the making and has the potential to positively effect your life experience regardless of your specific situation. Read more